Residential Exterior Cleaning

With the advent of organic, water-based, biodegradable cleaning formulations, it is now possible to clean every one of your home’s exterior surfaces safely and effectively—restoring their original stain-free brightness and luster—in an  environmentally responsible way.

That safe and highly effective methodology, which uses very low pressure and minimal amounts of water, is known as “soft washing”. It is by far the most sensible, reasonable and responsible way to clean your home’s exterior, while meeting or exceeding all of your desired cleaning goals and doing zero damage to any surface, or the environment. Because we are so confident in both the cleaning formulations we employ in cleaning your home, and the protocols with which they are applied, we whole-heartedly guarantee the treatment’s results, as well as the safety and security of your landscaping and your entire family (whether 2-legged, 4-legged or winged!). You will not find more effective cleaning at any price for your home’s exterior surfaces than those that are achieved through soft washing, and 3 Brothers Soft Wash leads the way in this dynamic, growing discipline!

So here’s the key question… Are you sick and tired yet of those black and brown streaks and stains on your roof…the blotchy dark spots on your house walls…the graying, streaky “tiger stripes” on your gutters…or the hideous, filthy dark discolorations all over your driveway, sidewalk and the bricks and pavers all around the house? Then do something about it…but not just any “something”…let us soft wash these dull, grimy, aggravating surfaces all around your once-beautiful home and restore the vibrancy, brightness and CLEAN that has become a distant memory.

You CAN have it all back, but you have to make the call to 3 Brothers Soft Wash today! Let us cleanse and revitalize your home with our organic, water-based, biodegradable and highly effective chemical formulations that are as safe as they are restorative…and so powerful that the treated surfaces of your home will not only become shiny and spotless once again, they’ll actually be sanitized! 

Roof Cleaning…

You drive down your street, and as you look around, with the beautiful homes and the (usually) spectacular Atlanta weather as a backdrop, you smile and think, “wow, life is pretty great”…then YOUR roof comes into view…with those ugly black streaks, stains and blotchy gunch, and it seems like that’s all you can see anymore…every time you drive down your street. What was once in your memory a beautiful, attractive roof with great curb appeal has become an eyesore you have to experience every time you even approach your home. So you wonder how much it would cost to replace your roof, and almost take out the Grundwald’s mailbox…yeah, really expensive!

Well, we have a great answer, and an even better, highly effective solution that costs a fraction of a new roof—soft wash it! As wonderful as Atlanta’s weather is most of the time, it comes with a price…lots and lots of airborne junk (scientifically known as Gloeocapsa Magma) that lands…you guessed it, on our roofs, as well as just about every other surface on our homes. So what makes you cringe every time you see your roof is living, organic bacteria that has been deposited on your roof’s shingles, spreading and feeding off the limestone filler that the shingles contain, and rely on for stability. And because these shingles are all now manufactured with this powdered limestone—to add weight—your shingles become a buffet for airborne bacteria. Over time, this will damage the shingles, and shorten the serviceable life of the roof. It doesn’t happen quickly, but it is happening.

But here’s the really great news—when you soft wash your roof with our proprietary, eco-friendly, biodegradable and organic solutions, these nasty little pests actually die, so not only do you eradicate the problem, in so doing, you actually buffer your roof—and every shingle on it—from further new growth. We are so confident in our treatment regimens that we guarantee a roof cleaning for five full years!

So take the action now, and let us restore your roof to its original beauty…and put a “permanently closed” sign on the buffet line! We would be honored to give you back that special feeling you used to experience when you drove down your street and arrived home…that feeling of pride and satisfaction you felt when your home came into view…that feeling is one soft washing treatment away!

…And Why You Need to Soft Wash Your Roof

Homeowners have believed for years that they had 3 choices for dealing with the dark streaks and stains that invade, degrade and devalue their roofs…pressure wash it, which can be catastrophic and warranty-voiding, live with it, and the constant, ongoing frustration of having to look at it…or replace the entire roof to get rid of it. Let us suggest a 4thoption, and far and away the best option available to every homeowner today—soft wash it! Unlike pressure washing, which can literally destroy a roof by removing the granules and compromising the shingle mat while killing absolutely nothing, soft washing will kill and eliminate all of this organic infestation…all while both protecting and buffering the roof against the ever-present onslaught of the next environmental wave aimed at your roof. Killing all of these micro-organisms is the key—moving them around will only cause them to spread and re-grow—soft washing that same roof with our highly effective “green” cleaning products not only kills 100% of these space invaders with low pressure and very little water, it prevents new growth from occurring for up to 5 years, or 6 x longer than power washing alone. Now THAT’S effective cleaning! It is also the only treatment method available today to solve the problem long-term, while protecting every aspect of your home’s environment, including your landscaping, family members and pets.

A few other things we’re great at

Soft washing doesn’t have to stop at the roof. It’s also a great way to clean the rest of your property.

House Washing

Much like your roof, your home’s exterior walls are also being besieged by algae, mold, mildew and airborne contaminants and bacteria daily, sticking to your home’s walls like Velcro and damaging the infected surfaces. Treating these surfaces through a low-pressure, highly effective soft washing will destroy the grip these living, thriving contaminants have on your home, killing 100% of these surface-destroying organisms while buffering your walls against new growth. In fact, your home’s surfaces will be so clean, they will literally be sanitized. What that means to you is simply this—your paint colors will come back alive, and everything will appear brighter and more vivid than they have in years…windows, trim, garage doors, gutters…all while being protected from the next invasion of these curb-appeal killing little micro-monsters!

3 Brothers Soft Wash

Gutter Cleaning

Gutters, though front and center on your home’s exterior, are often not even noticed…until they get grungy, gray, stained, discolored or “tiger-striped”. Then they are not only noticeable, they are an eyesore that will kill the look of your otherwise beautiful exterior. Bring your gutters back to life, back to the sparkling shine and vivid color they used to be! Soft washing your gutters will kill, eradicate and stop the ongoing environmental assault on your gutters in its tracks, and buffer them against any new growth. When we revitalize those dull, blotchy gutters back to their original function and brilliance, you will be astounded at just how dirty and adversely affected those “unnoticed” gutters had actually become. And those “tiger-stripes” you see literally covering your entire gutter, like streaks of milky ink running top to bottom, are simply no match for our oxidizing formulation specifically designed to make those pesky, hard-to-remove stripes disappear! Your gutters really can look new again, all in one treatment!

Concrete & Brick Cleaning

With a combination of soft washing and pressure/power washing, we can revitalize and renew the beauty and original condition of all of your “hard scapes”…no matter the surface—concrete, brick, pavers, pool decks, porches, stonework—the results will be dramatic and breath-taking as these surfaces are brought back to life, their original beauty renewed. So wipe away all the years of dirt and grime, oil and rust, and all the airborne contaminants assaulting your property every day…gone are the mystery stains that you’ve had to look at for years, erased are the dark and discolored areas that seem to just kill the color and brightness that used to be there…that can be again, with just one treatment. Give 3 Brothers Soft Wash the opportunity to turn back the clock to a time when all these surfaces around your home were vibrant, colorful, fresh and new. We joke often that “things used to be so much better”. Well, that has never been more true than it is with the look of your home’s exterior. The really good news is, we can turn back the clock, at least on restoring your home’s original luster and beauty…so don’t replace that driveway or those pavers or that soiled and stained stone walkway…restore it instead!

3 Brothers Soft Wash, residential

Driveway Cleaning

Whether your driveway is concrete, brick, or stone, it is still vulnerable to the very same black or green mold, mildew, streaks, stains and dirt found on your home’s other exterior surfaces. Our treatment protocols make treating and truly cleaning your driveway not only easy, but better yet, will have a lasting and significant positive impact on your property’s overall curb appeal, and your visual enjoyment of your home itself as we restore the drive to like-new condition. And as an added bonus, once treated, your driveway is no longer a breeding ground, and dispenser, for all the gunch, crud and bacteria—both alive and dead—that your family has been tracking into, and all through, your home’s interior day after day. That all stops as soon as the cleaning begins!

Fence Cleaning

Our fences really take a beating in the hot sun, the driving rain, hammering hail, and occasional snow…not to mention the temperature extremes brought about by the changing seasons, when the air outside goes from sticky wet to dry as a bone. We have great news—our proprietary cleaning products are designed specifically for your fence’s surface, whether plastic, wood, brick or a synthetic material. Our biodegradable, highly effective cleaning treatments will revitalize and renew the character and look of your fence when it was new…before the extremes of the outdoors had their way with it. They say it’s not nice to fool Mother Nature, but we say…give the old girl a dose of her own medicine by using our organic, biodegradable cleaning formulations to undue all that she has done…and if she has a problem with that, just give her our number, we’ll be more than happy to take THAT call!

Screen Enclosure Cleaning

While many of us living in Atlanta find our Screened-in areas to be wonderful havens of rest, enjoying them comes at a price…what makes them wonderful—enjoying the fabulous outdoor Southern weather without having to deal with all the pesky bugs—also makes them troublesome. Screens are great for keeping crawling and flying pests out, but not so great for keeping the rest of nature from coming in. So while you’re enjoying your retreat free from wasps and mosquitos, airborne dirt, mold, mildew, algae and other grime and bacteria are, over time, literally flooding your safe haven, depositing themselves on every available surface. Don’t let a blessing become a curse…one soft washing treatment not only kills all the bacteria and other organics, it sanitizes every infected surface, buffering it against future new invasions into this cherished space. Your screened in areas will shine and glow like never before, and you can once again enjoy the best Atlanta weather has to offer…without worry for the coming invasion!

Exterior Window Washing

While cleaning your home’s roof, walls, soffits and gutters, let us finish the job by also soft washing your windows! All that dirt and grime, mold, mildew and algae, and those aggravating spider webs and other stuff in the corners, all dissolve away and disappear with one soft washing treatment. Your windows will shine and glow from the sanitizing treatment, restoring the beauty back to the day when they were new!

Awning Cleaning

Awnings, by their very nature, are magnets for environmental dirt and bacteria. And because of the materials used to create them, algae, mold and mildew find a ready-made home for thriving and growing once on them. Like fences, these structures also take the brunt of seasonal and temperature extremes, so soft washing treatments are especially valuable and effective in bringing these back to life. Soft washing awnings will revitalize the vivid colors that were originally so deep and beautiful, while killing all of the nasty, gunchy living organisms that have been assaulting them over time. Despite the material that comprises your awnings, we can restore them to their original condition, and protect them from the ongoing assault that nature brings. We strongly urge you to soft wash your awnings…as well as any other surfaces on your

3 Brothers Soft Wash, residential

Patio & Deck Cleaning

In addition to our screened-in areas, we homeowners in the South truly cherish our patios and back decks…some of our closest neighborhood friendships were launched in these special places! But over time, these outdoor areas experience the same environmental assaults that our roofs, gutters and house walls do. Let us treat these areas so they can once again become the centers of gathering, sharing time and enjoying one another, and the great outdoors…all without the dread, misery and hassle of having to constantly scrub these surfaces, hoping to find places to sit and enjoy the outside without walking away with soiled, stained clothes…while breathing in all this crud Mother Nature was kind enough to literally “dump in your lap”. You are just one soft wash treatment away from getting back to truly looking forward to, and savoring, a return to the peace and majesty of what lies outside your four walls. Once we kill and eradicate all the mold, mildew, fungus and other contaminants, you can finally reclaim these amazing places that mean so much to you and your family, and once again look forward, with anticipation, to the wonderful memories they used to bring…and build new ones.

So let us cleanse and redeem your patio and deck to its like-new condition through our highly effective flat surface cleaning treatments. And don’t be fooled—while a number of composite deck and patio area brand names tout their products as “maintenance-free”, they, too, begin to accumulate mold, mildew, dirt, crud and algae, just like all the others. Treat the buildup, and get back to enjoying one of your home’s e greatest assets, and your favorite places to relax.

Reasons To Soft Wash Your Home

There are many reasons why “soft washing” is the best, most effective way to clean all of your home’s exterior surfaces…we believe these are the top 6:

  • It actually SOLVES THE REAL PROBLEM! Those hideous, aggravating and disgusting streaks, stains, blotches and discolorations aren’t just eyesores, they’re actually evidence of a living, thriving infestation of bacteria that is causing harm to the surface on which it is growing (especially your roof)…just one soft washing treatment kills and eradicates 100% of these proliferating little monsters, while buffering any treated surface against subsequent environmental assaults…which is why the effects of a soft wash treatment last up to 6x longer than the same cleaning with a pressure/power washer, while using 90% less pressure and less than one-third the water.
  • Dramatically improve the look of your home…and your real estate’s “curb appeal”. While solving the CORE PROBLEM, (and especially when compared to a roof replacement), soft washing your roof requires a modest investment for such a great return in both appearance and structure integrity/roof life.
  • There is never any damage from pressure…as often happens with pressure washers. All pressure washers do is move these living micro-organisms around to grow and thrive on other surfaces, while killing absolutely nothing (unless it’s from drowning in the massive amounts of water used!). Pressure washers routinely damage the surface they are being aimed at, with permanent, lasting negative effects…this is especially catastrophic when that surface is a roof! Soft washing NEVER causes damage from pressure because the only pressure required is what is needed to deliver the cleaning formulation to the targeted surface—about that of a common garden hose.
  • Extend the life of your roof…by up to half, so PROTECT YOUR INVESTMENT! By killing these voracious micro-organisms feasting on your shingles’ limestone, our 100% water-based, organic, biodegradable chemical formulations can increase shingle life by up to 50%. By taking the action now to treat and clean your infested roof, you are stopping the “all-you-can” limestone buffet in its tracks, preserving the serviceable life of your shingles, while restoring the vivid color and stain-free condition your roof once had.
  • Most effective, and longest lasting, cleaning results of any method. Put in its simplest terms, there is simply no cleaning treatment protocol available today that can compare with soft washing. The results realized through a soft washing treatment are more effective, and last longer, than those of any other cleaning method, and the chemical formulations used to obtain those results are organic, water-based, biodegradable, low-VOC and environmentally friendly…and because very low pressure is always the delivery method employed (about 15% of the pressure utilized by pressure washers), there is never any damage from the effects of blasting any surface. It is simply unnecessary because the chemical formulations do all the cleaning!
  • Health advantages…stop tracking this living, thriving BACTERIA into your home! Mold, mildew, fungus and algae are all on the Top 10 Allergy Irritants list. Mold and fungus are also known to cause Sick Building Syndrome and Legionnaires Disease. Your home will simply be healthier, more attractive and stain-free, inside and out!

Residential Exterior Cleaning…and our commitment to you as our valued customer…our soft washing protocols will always include:

  • The use of water-based, biodegradable and environmentally friendly treatment formulations
  • The securing and protection of all plants/landscaping, other property and all family members
  • Treating your home and property with the same respect with which we would treat our own
  • An environmental awareness which includes primarily low-pressure solutions and minimal water use
  • The goal of exceeding your expectations in restoring your home’s condition and appearance with a 100% kill ratio on any/all infestations being treated, while buffering all treated surfaces against new growth for long-lasting results