Multi-unit exterior cleaning

We certainly don’t need to remind an owner or manager of a multi-unit property that appearance—or “curb appeal”—is critically important. It is our experience that such folks are keenly aware of that fact all the time. Let us help ease the burden of that daily reminder with one simple suggestion—soft wash those concerns away! If your multi-unit location has streaked and stained roofs, walls, gutters, awnings, walkways, fences, decks, hard scapes (such as brick, stone and pavers)…even athletic facilities such as basketball and tennis courts…we are the long-term, affordable and reasonable solution.  3 Brothers Soft Wash has a regimen of cleaning solutions and protocols that are all organic, water-based and 100% biodegradable, but highly effective at returning all of your drab, dingy, dull and splotchy property surfaces to their original pristine, shiny, bright and spot-free condition.

Because these nasty, ugly, dingy, and soiled areas around your property are actually living, thriving colonies of bacteria, they need to be killed and eradicated to eliminate the problem…both for the present, and into the future. Only soft washing actually destroys and eliminates these bacterial parasites. If you have been pressure washing these surfaces within your multi-unit location, we know two things are absolutely true: 1)you are having to do so often because you’re not actually killing anything—you’re just moving it around to re-grow on adjacent surfaces—and 2) (whether you realize it or not), you are damaging each of these surfaces that are being blasted with all that pressure. And, again, because you are not killing the bacterial micro-organisms, you are not solving the root problem…you are just delaying it for 6-9 months.

Give 3 Brothers Soft Wash a call today, and let us show you the powerful difference that soft washing brings to any multi-unit location’s goal of maintaining a clean, bright, shiny and attractive property that just “POPS” from the street…and turn that all-important first impression back into the one you experienced when your site was brand new!

3 Brothers Soft Wash
3 Brothers Soft Wash

Below is a partial list of some of the multi-unit locations that we are proud to call CLEAN


condos & townhomes


senior/assisted living facilities

resort properties

HOA/Property management groups

How to know that your multi-unit property needs soft washing

Let’s face it…your multi-unit location has a LOT of different surfaces, all of which are under assault on a daily basis by airborne contaminants and the very environment on your site that can make it so attractive…all the different types of plants, shrubs and trees that are there for your renters/owners to enjoy. But they all exact a price, and they all leave their mark on the overall appearance of your community. Chief among these are the airborne waves of bacteria (official name “Goeocapsa Magma”) that are deposited, and take up residence, all over your property every day.

Over time, these living, reproducing bacterial space invaders manifest themselves as the streaking, staining, blotchy areas you see on virtually every available exterior surface of your once-beautiful property. And over time, they can actually damage the surfaces on which they are living, growing and spreading, especially the roofs. Don’t be discouraged, there’s some really good news—we can make every bit of that infestation—and make no mistake, that’s what it is—go away!

With a single soft washing treatment, our water-based, 100% biodegradable cleaning formulations will kill and eradicate 100% of these pesky, thriving, propagating bacterial micro-organisms, making years of streaking, staining, graying and dullness they have caused simply disappear. Not only will we kill every last bacterial spore, our chemical formulations are so thorough and effective, they will even leave a retardant buffer behind on the surfaces of your multi-unit property that will protect them from subsequent waves of these nasty, relentless pests. So call us today, and let us restore the splendor, brightness and “CLEAN” to your entire property, giving you back the property you used to have on the day you opened for business!

3 Brothers Soft Wash
3 Brothers Soft Wash

6 Reasons To Soft Wash Your Multi-Unit Property

Dramatically increase curb appeal

Everyone knows this is critically important, no explanation needed

Protects the structural integrity

By killing and eradicating 100% of the bacterial growth infesting and feeding on its surfaces, while buffering them against future environmental invasions (and remember, pressure washing kills nothing, which is why you need to pressure wash every year!)

Relax and rest easier

As an owner and/or manager knowing the cleansing, sanitizing effects of every soft wash treatment/cleaning will last up to 6 x longer than if you just pressure wash…so you are dealing with concern over your property’s appearance far less often

Cleaner, healthier, and safer environment

Because you are literally killing 100% of the living, reproducing bacterial space invaders that are now calling your multi-unit location home,  you are creating a much cleaner, healthier and safer environment—both inside and out—for both your employees and your community/visitors; also, you are significantly reducing the “slip and fall” danger that comes from wet algae, mold and mildew collecting on sidewalks and driveways

Being environmentally responsible

soft washing uses 10% of the pressure and the water that a traditional pressure washer uses, and the highly effective organic chemical formulations used are water-based and biodegradable, so safe to use for all plants, people and pets

Best value proposition

While it is true that soft washing is always more expensive than pressure washing up-front, because the effects of soft washing last up to 6 x longer than those achieved with pressure washing alone, the choice is crystal clear…so in addition to all the advantages noted above, from the standpoint of “return on investment”, soft washing is clearly the winner as the “go-to” solution for deep, lasting clean!