3 Brothers Soft WashCommercial Exterior Cleaning

In a sprawling, traffic-heavy city like Atlanta, few would disagree that location is key to being successful in a building’s commercial operations…whether as an office building leasing space, a retail location selling products, a services-oriented location with customer foot traffic in and out, or even churches, schools and places where people go to exercise or be entertained. But perhaps as important as location is a building’s appearance—or aesthetics—that can cause people to form a positive, or negative, first impression. As is true with people, commercial locations often do not get a second opportunity to change that first impression. Let 3 Brothers Soft Wash ensure that it never has to go that far by making that first impression as positive as it can possibly be!

Even though you are managing a commercial location, you can’t tell us you don’t make those assessments every day yourself…whether with people, or things we see, we all make those kinds of judgments every day…as people, it’s the most natural of all reactions. So, if the appearance of your commercial location is marred by streaking, staining, dullness and graying, is covered with mold, mildew or algae…or just plain old dirt and grime…what do you think people seeing it are thinking? Right, because that’s what you and I would be thinking, too. Location might be able to get you past some of that, but only some of it. Let us do the rest.

With our highly effective, 100% organic, water-based and biodegradable chemical formulations, we can kill and eradicate 100% of the living, thriving gunchy buildup that is killing your commercial location’s curb appeal. There is not a surface that we can’t clean to the point of being spotless, and to a long-lasting clean that is literally sanitized. Your building hasn’t looked this good since the day it opened, guaranteed. No matter the surface needing attention—roof, building walls, gutters, windows, canopies and awnings, hard scapes such as drives, sidewalks, brick and pavers—we can treat it until it shines again, and your location’s curb appeal and aesthetics are revived and restored.

It is critical to understand that the affected areas on your commercial site are actually infestations…of bacterial micro-organisms of the algae family (official name “Goeocapsa Magma”, unofficial name “GUNCH”) that were airborne, landed and are thriving and growing! They will not get better, and they will not go away…but they will happily invite all their relatives to come and live with them. And pressure washing—while deteriorating/damaging many of the surfaces being blasted—kills nothing so manages to accomplish nothing other than spreading and proliferating new growth of these disgusting little invaders on even more surfaces.

Soft washing is the only cleaning protocol that both kills and eradicates these living algae spores, while buffering every treated surface against new growth. Soft washing is so effective, in fact, that the cleaning effects from one soft washing treatment last up to 6 x longer than those achieved through pressure washing alone…so you clean about every 4-5 years, instead of every 9 months! It is also worth noting that, because we actually kill 100% of the bacteria that we treat, the health ramifications for a commercial site with even moderate foot traffic going in and out…therefore also dragging all this bacteria along for the ride…can be considerable.

So call us today at 770.315.3033 and let us show you how dramatically we can impact the appearance of your commercial location while restoring your property’s inherent value and curb appeal…our goal is always for people to see the commercial locations we treat, and wonder if the place just opened…now THAT’S a great feeling! Our staff of experienced, professional Technicians are more than happy to do “demo’s” of our protocols so you can see for yourself what the results will be from even one soft wash treatment! Restore your building’s glowing brightness and “curb appeal” back to the way it was on day one!

3 Brothers Soft WashCommercial Locations We Treat and Maintain:

  • Offices & Industrial Buildings
  • Hotels/Motels
  • Shopping Centers/Malls
  • Retail Stores
  • Restaurants
  • Hospitals & Medical Offices
  • Churches & Banks
  • Parking Facilities/Garages
  • Schools – All Types
  • School Athletic Facilities
  • Day Care & Pre-School Facilities
  • Sports Facilities & Tennis Courts
  • Truck Fleets 

How to Know if Your Property Needs Soft Washing?

It is just a fact of life for all of us that time fades things…our good looks, our memories, and yes, even the look and appearance of our homes and businesses. And when we notice time’s impact in the dulling and graying of these surfaces—constantly under assault by the environment—we also understand it will not get better…with time. If you are running a commercial location such as a warehouse that by its very nature stays pretty grimy and dirty, this may not matter. But if you own, or are managing, a commercial location where appearance is critically important, this matters very much. We are speaking here to this second group!

It is important to understand that these evidences you are seeing, that time and nature have combined to bring about, are, in fact, infestations of bacteria (fancy name “Goeocapsa Magma”, un-fancy name “CRUD”). These bacterial infestations are living, thriving, reproducing micro-organisms that feed on the surfaces to which they attach, which is why you see these blotchy, stained and streaky areas get worse over time…they are literally growing and spreading. These infected areas will continue to deteriorate and erode their host surfaces, and cause permanent damage. If you cringe every time you look at your commercial building, then it’s time to do something about it.

Why Shouldn’t I Just Keep Pressure Washing My Building?

Great question, and goes right to the heart of why we’re even in this business! The traditional way to handle this ongoing environmental attack was to pressure wash these surfaces, always degrading them, and often permanently damaging them, while killing nothing. Well, there is now a far better, more effective and longer-lasting solution which relies not on pressure, but the power and cleaning ability of the organic, water-based chemical formulations that kill 100% of these living, populating colonies of invaders. That solution is known as “Soft Washing”, a process that uses 90% less pressure, and about 10% of the water, that is used by a traditional power washer. And the cleaning effects, so thorough that they literally sanitize the surfaces being treated, will last up to 6 x longer than those achieved through pressure washing alone. Again, unlike pressure washing, which just moves these bacterial micro-organisms around on your commercial property to re-attach and re-grow, soft washing kills and eradicates 100% of them while buffering every treated surface against further assault for the next 4-5 years.

So it is really your choice to make as someone responsible for the fitness and appearance of a commercial site–though it seems pretty clear to us, since we have the superior cleaning method! You can continue to pressure wash every year—if you address the problem at all—or you can soft wash those surfaces and achieve a deeper, more thorough and dramatic, longer-lasting clean. From a health standpoint, for both employees and visitors going in and out and tracking all this gunch both ways…do you want to kill it all, or just move it around? Do you want to clean every year, or every 5 years? And maybe the most important question: how important is your commercial location’s “curb appeal” to you? If the answer to that last question is “VERY”, then give us a call and let us show you just how powerful a tool soft washing will be for beautifying and maintaining your commercial property!

Why You Should–Instead–Soft Wash Your Commercial Property3 Brothers Soft Wash, commercial

One of the greatest assets your business possesses is your physical commercial location…whether owned or leased, it is the “face” of your company, and most often the maker of that all-important “first impression”. So what kind of “first impression” is your commercial site currently making?

Let us give you our top 6 reasons why we believe soft washing your commercial property is the wisest decision you can make:

  • It will dramatically increase your location’s “curb appeal”– everyone knows this is critically important, no explanation needed
  • It will protect not only the overall appearance, but the structural integrity, of your commercial site by killing and eradicating 100% of the bacterial growth infesting and feeding on its surfaces, while buffering them against future environmental invasions (and remember, pressure washing kills nothing, which is why you need to pressure wash every year!)
  • You can relax and rest easier as an owner and/or manager knowing the cleansing, sanitizing effects of every soft wash treatment/cleaning will last up to 6x longer than if you just pressure wash…so you are dealing with concern over your commercial property’s appearance far less often
  • Because you are literally killing 100% of the living, reproducing bacterial space invaders that are now calling your commercial location home, you are creating a much cleaner, healthier and safer environment—both inside and out—for both your employees and your community/visitors; also, you are significantly reducing the “slip and fall” danger that comes from wet algae, mold and mildew collecting on sidewalks and driveways
  • You can be assured of being environmentally responsible– soft washing uses 10% of the pressure and 1/3 the water that a traditional pressure washer uses, and the highly effective organic chemical formulations used are water-based and biodegradable, so safe to use for all plants, people and pets
  • Soft washing Is Simply the Best “Value Proposition” In Cleaning & Maintaining Your Site – while it is true that soft washing is always more expensive than pressure washing up-front, because the effects of soft washing last up to 6x longer than those achieved with pressure washing alone, the choice is crystal clear…so in addition to all the advantages noted above, from the standpoint of “return on investment”, soft washing is clearly the winner as the “go-to” solution for deep, lasting clean!