Pressure/Power Washing… The Traditional Way

First, let us state clearly…we at 3 Brothers Soft Wash are in no way “anti-pressure washing”. In fact, we carry power washers on our trucks. But there is an important distinction to be made, so let us use a well-known axiom to make the point—“when you are a hammer, everything looks like a nail”, which can have serious consequences. In the hands of trained professional, such as the 3 Brothers Technicians that service our customers’ properties, a pressure/power washer is a valuable tool…with very limited application. We certainly utilize these on very hard surfaces such as newer concrete, pavers, brick and stone, but very carefully, and ONLY after first treating that surface with our soft washing formulations.

The reason for this pre-treatment is two-fold: first, it greatly enhances the effectiveness of the cleaning itself by breaking down all the staining, gunch and crud that has accumulated in most cases for years, and secondly, it kills 100% of all the organics and bacteria that caused the streaking and staining, while very effectively buffering against any new infestations/staining that would occur if ONLY pressure washing were used.

So we are believers in pressure/power washers, but only when used as a part of our overall treatment protocols. As a stand-alone solution, power washers just move all the living, thriving, growing crud around, re-depositing them all over other surfaces to simply continue reproducing and spreading, because pressure/power washers kill nothing. Additionally, our last step in treating a stained/infested driveway is to re-apply our soft washing formulation, and let it “dwell”, which simply means it is not rinsed off. Over time, and every time it rains, or the sun shines on it, the enzymes and the surfactants in the dwelling formulation continue to clean…which is why, in most cases, the driveways we clean stay clean as long as the roofs we treat (5+ years). Now THAT’S effective cleaning, and the pressure washer is certainly a key component of that.

As a last point—and we cannot stress this strongly enough…PRESSURE WASHERS ARE NEVER, EVER, EVER THE RIGHT TOOL TO USE ON A ROOF!!! Anyone telling you differently is getting ready to violently and permanently damage your roof, and likely void whatever warranty remains.

Soft Washing… Using The Power Of Science

Soft washing is the logical, reasonable alternative to power washing. It utilizes organic, water-based, naturally bio-degradable chemicals that emulsify dirt and crud, while  KILLING and ELIMINATING  all the mold, mildew, algae and bacteria causing the streaking, staining, blotchiness and dull graying– and disinfecting the surface area being treated. Soft washing uses less than one-third the water of pressure washing, 90% less pressure, lasts up to 6x longer and doesn’t erode the targeted area’s surface like power washing will do. It kills and eradicates the problem source at 40 psi, rather than just moving it around at 4,000 psi!