Client Testimonials

Don't take our word for it - here's what our clients say:

Excellent Job

Worked on my house. Did a very professional job and did everything they said

Trey Whitehurst
Results Are Awesome!

We had our roof and house treated by 3 Brothers Soft Wash Company a year ago. We could not believe how much better our roof and house looked when all the stains were gone. It is over a year later and our roof and siding still look awesome! We were very impressed with their professionalism and service. It's very affordable and worth every penny. If you want your house to look better or if you are thinking of selling your house, get 3 Brothers to come and soft wash it. You will not regret the investment!

The Bells
The BEST exterior wash!

I was thinking that I needed to re-paint my exterior .... BUT..... instead had Three Brothers Soft Wash come and clean the exterior. The white painted areas sparkle and look like new and all the brick staining and mildew is GONE! House like new! Probably can avoid re-painting cost for years. Extremely reasonable in price and excellent customer service!

Meredith Noon
Great Company

They cleaned our roof, dormers, and gutters and did a really nice job. All the algae streaks are gone, the roof looks new again. I highly recommend these folks.

Bill Martin
Mixed Results

The guys did a great job on my house, would use again. They do not have experience cleaning tennis courts and never came back for touch up as mentioned (it's been at least a year) Also, don't go with any of their recommendations for repairing rotting wood at your house.

Colin Smith
House cleaning

Hampton and his son Ethan did an amazing job cleaning our house and driveway fantastic work, instant responses and updates throughout the whole process.

Skinner Lee