Below are the most common frequently asked questions (FAQ) we get from folks who are considering soft washing, and may be just investigating cleaning options – if you don’t see your question here, please give us a call. We’ll make sure everything is crystal clear to you so that you can make the right decision for your circumstances, and your family. We have tried to make the answers as short as possible so as not to bore you to tears!

Non-Roof Related

Do you have insurance coverage?

Yes, in addition to being thoroughly trained and authorized as a Certified Applicator for our chemical protocols/formulations, we are fully insured with $2,000,000 General Liability Commercial Insurance.

Is soft washing all your company does?

Interestingly enough, no! We are actually a full-service roofer as well, which was the genesis for the soft washing itself! We can handle any kind of roof repair or replacement, but our primary focus is CLEANING ROOFS, and any other surface around a home or business. Now, what we never want to do, unless a homeowner insists, is clean a roof that we determine to be at the end of its useful life (granted, it would need to be obviously worn out)…that would certainly not be serving your needs, and it would not be the right thing for us to do. At that point, if you would truly need a new roof within the next 2-3 years, even making it clean again will not change that fact. If that is the case, we would be more than happy to give you a price to replace the roof, and encourage you to talk with a couple of other roofers as well. We always want you to do what’s best for your family, and believe it or not, what is best for our customers is how we approach every job we undertake. In the rare cases it becomes necessary—and we will always let the homeowner make that determination—we do build great roofs, and our roof replacement prices are really hard to beat, but we still encourage homeowners just to do their due diligence. If you are in doubt as to the life left in your roof, we give you our word that we will give you an honest, transparent answer, even if it means that’s the only way we serve you…we’re ok with that.

What causes all the streaking, staining, and blotchy gray areas around my house?

What you are seeing around your home, and most commonly noticed on roofs, is an infestation of bacteria called “Gloeocapsa Magma”, which is a living, breeding bacterial fungal colony that was airborne until it landed, and took up residence, on the many surfaces of your property. You will notice that, left untreated, these areas grow, and for good reason—like any living thing, they are reproducing and spreading. On many surfaces, though they are unattractive and ugly (and not doing much for your “curb appeal”), they are not much more than an eyesore. But on other surfaces, most notably roofs, they can cause real damage over time because their primary food source becomes the limestone filler in your roof’s shingles…a critical part of each shingle’s structural integrity. You can move these micro-organisms around your property with a pressure washer, and retreat every 6-9 months, or you can soft wash these infected surfaces and stay worry and stain-free for up to 6 x longer. But understand, if you do not kill all of these home invaders through soft washing…the mold, mildew, lichens and other bacterial growth…they will continue to spread on adjacent surfaces. Soft washing is the most effective and affordable treatment method today to make sure that doesn’t happen.

What exactly is soft washing?

Soft washing is simply the best, most effective, cleaning method available today to target, and kill, all the living bacterial micro-organisms that are infesting your home’s and/or business’s many exterior surfaces. Soft washing makes use of very low pressure, along with 100% organic, biodegradable, water-based cleaning formulations that clean so thoroughly, the treated surfaces become sanitized. Also, unlike a pressure washer that simply moves this bacteria around to re-grow on adjacent surfaces, soft washing kills 100% of the living bacteria that comprise the streaks, stains, blotches and spotting that you see. And the cleaning effects of a cleansing soft washing treatment last up to 6 x longer than those achieved through pressure washing alone.

How do I know soft washing works?

The simple answer is…because it’s guaranteed! We will warrant a complete roof cleaning for 5 years, and other surfaces for varying amounts of time due to differences in surrounding environment, amount of sunlight received, etc. But we are very willing to come back and do “spot treatments” when necessary to ensure your satisfaction! And soft washing is the only treatment method out there today that safely and effectively kills 100% of these living, breeding bacterial organisms causing the discoloration and damage to your home’s exterior. Though only around for the last 20 years, soft washing has been used extensively and very effectively at major resorts (rhymes with Disney) and Universal Studios (couldn’t think of a rhyming word), and in residential and commercial applications around the world…and its use is growing daily, simply because it is THE safest, most effective, cleaning method in the world today.

How long will a soft wash treatment last?

Depending on the surface being treated, anywhere from 3 to 5 years or longer. We warrant full roof cleanings for 5 years, other surfaces for varying periods of time. But any/all soft wash treatment results should last up to 6x longer than if just pressure washed alone.

Does my home need soft washing?

If you can look at your home’s exterior—whether the roof, the walls, the gutters , the driveway or hard scapes in your yard—and see any discoloration, streaking, staining, blotchy dark areas or just even general dullness and graying…then the answer would have to be—YES! There is just no more effective way to eliminate these eyesores and curb-appeal killers than a soft wash treatment. Because here’s the thing…none of us as homeowners wants to spend money on our homes unnecessarily. But we also know that our homes are usually our biggest investment, so we also know that investments need protecting. And unlike maybe Georgia red clay that gets splashed up on your garage door, that will get washed away in the next rain, that just is not the case with the ugly, gunchy stuff you are seeing day after day. In fact, truth be told, these infestations (yeah, gross, but that’s what they are) will only grow and increase over time.

But let’s be honest—on many of your home’s surfaces, these discolorations, streaks and stains are certainly irritating and aggravating, but aren’t causing any real damage..hard scapes like stonework, bricks and pavers come to mind. If you can live with seeing these surfaces on an ongoing basis—and assuming your wife or husband won’t mention them twice a week for the rest of your natural life—then we would say, let it ride. But there are other surfaces that, whether they’re bothering you or not, need to get handled because real damage is actually being done. Primary on that list is your roof, where the discolorations, streaks and stains are living bacteria consuming—albeit slowly—the limestone filler in your shingles that is a key component to each shingle’s durability and effective life. If left untreated, a homeowner can lose up to 50% of the serviceable life of his/her roof…at which point, said homeowner will be forced to deal with the consequences of his/her inaction.

What we find to be one very compelling reason for most homeowners when considering a soft washing treatment is simply this—you’ll enjoy your home so much more, either by yourself or while entertaining—once it is treated and clean again. Do you remember how fresh and clean and new and bright your home…used to be. You can have all that back with just one soft wash treatment…just one cleaning! It is the cheapest and most effective way we know for homeowners to regain the pride and enjoyment they once felt and experienced before Mother Nature had her say and seemingly dumped the whole of the great outdoors squarely onto your house. Yes, there is an investment to be made to restore your home’s long lost splendor…but it’s there for the reclaiming for pennies on the dollar compared to replacing your roof and gutters, or redoing your siding. Don’t be surprised if it feels like you replaced all those things anyway, though, once you see what soft washing can do in revitalizing and restoring those dirty, dull and marred surfaces that you are living with now!

How long before I can expect to see regrowth of this stuff?

Technically…and we apologize here for being picky…what you will eventually see is NEW GROWTH, never RE-GROWTH, because we have killed all the algae spores and bacteria that were previously thriving on your property. But over time, even with the 100% kill ratio and the buffering against new growth…it  will happen. In most cases, and depending on environmental influences and amount of sunlight, you could see new growth in as little as 3 years, or it could be well over 5 years before having to deal with any of this again. Because roofs are so open and accessible to both rain and sun–two environmental factors that cause our formulations to continue cleaning your roof, we warrant them for 5 full years. Warranties for other surfaces will vary according to the factors noted, which are less predictable on a home’s exterior walls, for instance, especially when heavily shielded by foliage and blocked from the sun, an environment these little micro-pests just love!

Will any of your cleaning formulations damage anything on my property?

Absolutely not! Not only are our treatment formulations 100% organic, water-based and biodegradable, we have been thoroughly trained on “best practices” for safely and effectively applying those formulations within any treatment environment. Additionally, we have products designed specifically for protecting and buffering all of your landscaping against any possible damage. Every one of our treatment options is perfectly safe for plants, people and pets.

Why don’t you use pressure to clean?

Because we don’t have to, and pressure brings with it a whole host of potential problems (see pressure washing, and the damage done). We are very fortunate in that our cleaning formulations, though “green” and “eco-friendly”, are also highly effective at doing what they are intended to do…clean surfaces to the point of sanitizing them, and buffer them afterwards against future infestations. And that all occurs because the formulations do all the work—the minimal pressure we use (about that of your garden hose) is needed only to deliver the formulation to the targeted surface, period. Now, we do use a power washer when required/appropriate, but carefully and selectively (please see the next question).

Well, you say you don’t require much pressure, but why do you carry a pressure washer on your truck?

Very true, we do, and let us make this perfectly clear: we are NOT “anti-pressure washer.” But we do believe very strongly that pressure washing has a limited, specific use, and when put into the wrong hands, can cause devastating and permanent damage to any number of surfaces. We do use pressure washers sparingly, but ONLY after pre-treating the surface with a soft wash formulation that makes the cleaning far easier, and more effective. Also, 100% of the time, the last step in treating, and power washing, something like a driveway is to re-treat it with the chemical formulation a second time, and leave it to “dwell.” Every time the sun comes out, and every time it rains, for years to come, that driveway will continue to be cleaned and buffered against new growth, and that is something a pressure washer alone simply cannot do.

I’ve heard soft washing is more expensive than pressure washing. Is this true?

You heard correctly…it is, and it absolutely should be…we will never apologize for that. Let’s look at this, again, from a “value proposition”, or “return on investment”, standpoint. The cleaning effects of soft washing, on average, last up to 6x longer than those achieved by pressure washing alone. But let’s say you only need to pressure wash yearly at a cost of $400. That same cleaning using soft washing will probably cost $995, BUT WILL LAST FOR UP TO FIVE YEARS! And if it doesn’t, we will spot-clean to make sure that happens! So pressure washing costs $2,000 over the 5-year period, while soft washing will cost $995. Here are the rest of the BIG DIFFERENCES between the two investments:

1)The pressure washing will start failing, and showing re-growth, generally within 3-4 months, while soft washing treatments can literally go the full 5 years—remember the “buffering”—looking stain/spot free the entire time! 2)Unlike pressure washing, soft washing never erodes/damages any surface being soft washed because only 10% of the pressure vs. power washing is being used

Why is soft washing so much better than pressure washing?

We could write a book here (and started to in the question above), but just to keep it succinct…pressure washing uses damaging high pressure (about 10 x that of soft washing) to literally move algae, mold, mildew, bacteria, gunchy crud and grime around within a given environment, which means these living micro-organisms will re-attach, and once again reproduce and spread. Soft washing kills 100% of these organics, stopping the problem in its tracks, while buffering every treated surface against new growth. That is why surfaces that are soft washed stay clean up to 6x longer than those same surfaces if only pressure washed. Also, and quite important, unlike pressure washing, nothing ever gets damaged from pressure in soft wash treatments because the pressure being used is about that of your common garden hose, or between 45 and 60psi. The average commercial pressure washer operates t 3,000 to 4,000psi. We know, not exactly a short story…but also not a book!

Why is it important to kill these micro-organisms?

Because, over time, they are actually doing structural damage to the surfaces upon which they are living, feeding, reproducing, and spreading. This is especially true with roofs, because the “Gloeocapsa Magma” bacteria that wreak all this havoc in the first place are quite literally consuming the limestone filler in your untreated shingles…it doesn’t happen in a week or a month, certainly, but it is most certainly happening over time. The plain and simple fact is—if you do not KILL every one of these living bacterial spores, they will just continue to infect, grow, spread and infest because they are never static…they are growing, or they are dying!

How long does a treatment take?

The short answer is…it depends (don’t you hate it when people say that?!?!). Factors such as the severity of the infestation (we’ve had roofs that took 3-4 treatments to break it all down and come clean), the logistics involved in the cleaning (higher is always harder) and what surrounds it (thick foliage and/or sloping terrain make everything more challenging)…and sometimes just simply the size and scope of the project (cleaning any roof that is larger than 5,000 square feet takes time, no matter how effective the initial cleaning is). On average, we can treat an average-sized roof, house walls, gutters and driveway in a full day, to a day and a half, again depending on these factors. But know that we’ll stick with ANY job until it is done, and you are happy.

What types of surfaces can be cleaned with soft washing treatments?

The most common surface we clean is the roof (probably because the bacterial infestation is so visible and aggravating to see there), but there is not a surface on your property—short of your car—that we cannot bring back to like-new condition with a single, cleansing soft wash treatment. And that statement is true for any surface found at your residence, or at your business!

Whether residential or commercial, what commonly happens is that we clean the roof, and suddenly the rest of the home’s or business’s surfaces look pretty shabby and dull in comparison, so we end up cleaning some or all of those, too, The good news is, the more surfaces we clean while on-site, the deeper the overall discount is for the homeowner (I mean, we’re already there, for Pete’s sake!).

Is soft washing environmentally safe?

Yes, much more so than even pressure washing! Because soft washing uses very low pressure, and limited amounts of water (neither of which a pressure washer can claim), soft washing is quite “ eco-friendly”. And when combined with our highly effective, 100% organic, water-based and biodegradable cleaning formulations, soft washing is far and away a home’s or business’s best solution for addressing the environmental assaults that assail them every day…all in an environmentally “eco-friendly” way!

Why do you use bleach to clean?

Again, simple answer is…it is the most effective natural, organic cleaner on the planet. And when combined with our proprietary cleaning formulations, and the surfactants contained therein, the cleaning reaction that occurs on a home’s or business’s surfaces (with the enzymatic effects of the air’s oxygen) can be quite remarkable! Bleach, when handled properly, is very safe…in fact, we daresay the average homeowner is using bleach in just about every area of life—from laundry soap to tooth paste whitener to water purification. And we know places we certainly must trust, like hospitals and water purification facilities, use bleach widely for sterilization and purification. Bleach is one tool we use, and a highly effective one at that, to make our chemical formulations more powerful and productive as thorough cleaning agents. We are able to accomplish all of those things while making sure all of these formulations are 100% organic, water-based, biodegradable and environmentally friendly. We wouldn’t do it any other way.

Do all soft washing companies charge about the same?

In our experience, companies in the Atlanta market offering soft washing services can vary widely…some, like us, can clean every surface on your residential or commercial property, others only clean roofs. But the real difference we find is in the cleaning treatment protocols, and the chemical formulations being used. There are soft washers out there who will stop by Home Depot on the way to your house to buy an off-the-shelf product, which they will then apply to your roof. They don’t offer a warranty (they can’t, the effects of these products last about as long as a pressure washing treatment), but the roof looks really good for 4-6 months. Others develop what we in the business call “home brews”…concoctions they have put together that might actually do a pretty good job. We have seen warranties from these vendors to be either 2 or 3 years, and they are somewhat cheaper than the rest of us.

So then there’s the rest of us. We know of just a few companies in Atlanta that have sought out, and developed relationships with, formulators that have spent a great deal of time and effort developing proprietary chemical formulations that, though eco-friendly and “green”, are also very highly effective in using science (and not pressure) to kill and eradicate this bacterial scourge that daily assaults all residential and commercial property exteriors. This group, of which we are a part, generally charge more for their services, but not considerably so. But here is the big difference…because the formulations this group uses are so much more effective, the warranties given for the work are in many cases 2 to 3 x longer. As a home or business owner, you have to decide where that value proposition is for your specific case. We believe we offer the best value in our marketplace, and we’re prepared to deliver on that belief.

Honestly, can’t I just use one of these roof cleaning products from the store?

Sure, and many homeowners have (my Dad included). Here’s the problem…actually a few of them…unless you get on the roof to make sure everything gets covered, it’s very ineffective, but worse yet (sorry, here’s the real bummer) you will need to re-treat every 6 months…hmmmmm, sounds familiar–it’s pressure washing all over again! If you want to spend as little money as possible, but get a solution that last longer than a pressure washing, at least use one of these soft washing companies that cooks up their own “home brew”. They have limited, or no, warranties, but they will absolutely last longer than anything you can get from the Orange Apron.

Why should I use you guys? What makes you different?

Honestly, this is the hardest question to answer because almost everyone trying to sell you something says the same thing. Because we are all men of faith, we will approach every day, and every project, striving to always do the right thing with excellence (everyone inherently knows what that is, some just don’t “listen” to it), and to finish strong. Our goal every day will be to exceed the expectations of every person we have the honor of serving such that they become vocal fans of both the services provided, and every 3 Brothers Soft Wash employee providing them. And we will live out our  GUIDING PRINCIPLES that are spelled out here on our website, in the sight of God, with every person with whom we interact, whether within, or outside, our company. When we make mistakes, and God knows we will, we will own them, and be fair, honest, and reasonable in resolving them. We intend to have a 100% over-the-top positive customer rating at all times. Oh, and we vow to have fun, and really enjoy what we’re doing, otherwise, what’s the point? And play golf more, we definitely need to play golf more! Heck, our friends would tell you, you can trust these guys, as goofy as they are. Word.

Roof Related

A quick note on roofs…

Because every homeowner we talk with asks the same 1st question with regard to their roof, let us address it right up front–our cleaning/treatment protocols, while highly effective, water-based and biodegradable, will do zero harm to your shingles. As a matter of fact, a cleansing, restorative soft wash roof cleaning is so safe for your roof that soft washing your roof is recommended as the most desirable cleaning solution by ARMA (Asphalt Roofing Manufacturers Association), the roofing industry ‘s premier organization. That’s great news, because you can now eliminate 100% of those nasty, ugly streaks and stains from your roof with very low pressure—dramatically improving your home’s curb appeal—while safely protecting and buffering your shingles against a reoccurrence…with the best, most effective and most endorsed method available today. I think we can call that a “win-win”!

Here in the Deep South, the discolorations and buildup seen on roofs and exterior surfaces are the result of environmental/airborne contaminants (actually living, feasting organic organisms) such as mold, mildew, algae and lichens. Because these are living micro-organisms, they can be killed and eradicated, so why spend 10 x the amount of a cleansing, disinfecting cleaning treatment for a new roof when there are years of useful life remaining? Not only will a soft washing treatment restore the beauty and color to your once-gorgeous roof, it will not harm a single shingle, while buffering every shingle on your roof against any/all new growth. Stop those hungry little buggers in their tracks by killing and eliminating them, while keeping their extended family from “flying in” and taking up permanent residence on your property!

Because our soft washing solutions and protocols are targeted to specific surface types, you can be assured that, no matter the surface, the cleansing treatment will be so thorough and effective, that each and every surface being treated will literally be sanitized, and buffered against the next environmental assault…all while also protecting all the plants and vegetation that live near/around these surfaces. Because we can so fully rely on the cleaning ability of our “green” chemical formulations, no matter the surface being treated, the amount of pressure in a typical garden hose is all we need, and for only one thing…to deliver the right solution to the targeted surface, period. So it is our suite of highly effective treatment formulations that are the real stars of the show…sorry pressure, we only need a little of you just to get us there.

What are the ugly black streaks and stains on my roof?

In scientific terms, what you are seeing on your roof is a bacterial infestation of living, reproducing micro-organisms called “Gloeocapsa Magma”. It is an ongoing, daily occurrence that these nasty, scungy , hungry little critters get deposited on your roof—and every other surface around your home’s exterior—by the environment…meaning they are airborne. It is bad enough that these unsightly, hideous streaks and stains so dramatically and negatively affect your home’s curb appeal, and even the enjoyment of your home, but the fact that they are causing real damage is even worse!

Once deposited on your roof, these bacterial invaders are literally feeding on the limestone filler in your shingles, and over time, can kill up to 50% of the serviceable life of your entire roof…while spreading across and down your roof as they reproduce…yeah, not great news. Because these infestations generally occur on slopes that don’t get as much sun (so maintain a damp environment in which to thrive), they are commonly found on the north and west-facing sides of your roof, as well as slopes shaded by foliage. These microbial freeloaders are both uninviting, and uninvited, and the onslaught is never-ending. The staining isn’t just staining, it is contamination.

No need to be alarmed, though, because we have the best, longest-lasting solution to deal with these disgusting little spore pests…soft washing! Because here’s the thing…if you don’t KILL every spore in that infestation, they will continue to grow and spread…exactly what occurs with pressure washing alone. And 3 Brothers Soft Wash has all the science in-hand to handle the problem.

If you are finally sick and tired of looking at the dark streaking and staining that is marring your roof and driving you a little crazy (not to mention your significant other who has mentioned it 947 times), give us a call—one soft wash treatment will kill it all! No more reproducing or growing or spreading…because EVERY spore is TOAST! And every treated surface is also buffered against any/all new environmental assaults, which are surely headed your way.

For most homeowners, their home is their biggest asset. Recapture your home’s curb appeal and intrinsic value with a soft wash treatment…there is no better long-term protection for your roof, or more effective way to enhance your property’s real estate value while recapturing its original vivid colors and sparkling, once-bright condition. Truly appreciate and enjoy the beauty and appearance of your home’s exterior again…it’s all yours with one 3 Brothers Soft Wash cleansing soft wash treatment. Your home will once again shine from the street with a clean you haven’t seen in years, and the useful life of your shingles will be regained and protected.

Should I replace my roof or have it cleaned?

Actually, this is a loaded question, and the answer depends on the party being asked. Direct that question to someone selling shingles, and most times they’ll say, “absolutely, you need a new roof”! Ask someone who only cleans roofs, they’ll probably tell you just to clean it. Because we also operate a separate roofing company, in addition to our soft washing services offered through 3 Brothers Soft Wash, we’ll “give it to you straight” and let you make the decision. But we have to say here, and our prospects/customers will bear this out—we are rather conservative, so if your roof is not leaking, and we think you have at least 3-5 years of serviceable life left, we will always recommend against replacing the roof…the roof is still working, and protecting your home, so ride that horse til it drops! That is true even if soft washing is not involved.

If soft washing is in the equation, though, we reiterate that we NEVER want to treat and clean a roof that really needs to be replaced…it’s a giant waste of money for you, and only makes worn out, failing shingles look really good for a very short amount of time…not a good investment for a homeowner. We give a 5-year warranty on roof treatments, so we want to make sure that pays off for you. Just know that 100% of the time, we will be transparent and honest with you about what we (as both a roofer and a soft washer) would do if it was our roof we were inspecting, with no “hard sell” or pressure either way, and we’ll just agree up front to trust your judgment in making that decision. But don’t miss this—we are always more than happy to have one of our 85 Roof specialists (our roofing company) do a complimentary roof inspection for you if you’re in doubt, because you really do not need to be replacing your roof (no matter what those roofing sales guys told you) unnecessarily and/or prematurely.

Is cleaning my roof mainly for “aesthetics” or appearance?

ABSOLUTELY NOT! Not to oversell or overhype this point, but this is critical to understand…though there are surfaces around the outside of your house that this living, thriving, reproducing and spreading bacteria really can’t harm, your roof is most definitely NOT one of those! Once these airborne infestations have landed, and taken up residence, on the surface of your shingles, the buffet line is open—as living organisms, they must have a food source, and that immediately becomes the limestone filler in your shingles. Though it happens very slowly, over time, these gnarly little freeloaders can literally destroy 50% of the serviceable life of your shingles if left unchecked. Because soft washing both kills and eradicates 100% of these bacterial micro-organisms, it is the only cleaning treatment both safe and effective enough to use on your shingles…while causing zero damage from pressure or harsh chemicals. All of the chemical formulations we use, including the one formulated specifically for shingles, are 100% organic, biodegradable and water-based…but man, can they clean like nothing else when the oxygen in the air meets the surfactants in the formulations, with the accompanying bleach working as an enzymatic kick-starter! It really is as good as a clean can get, so stop the slow-motion destruction of your roof while restoring the once-vivid color and like-new appearance of every shingle on your roof…with a single soft wash treatment for your roof. By the way, as an added benefit, there are current studies proving that energy costs can decrease significantly when all of this gunch is cleaned off your roof, and your roof shingles stop attracting and holding the sun’s rays due to the streaking/staining. Yep, more science.

Will you damage my roof with high pressure?

Never, because we never use more pressure than is needed (about that of your common garden hose) just to deliver the chemical formulation to the slopes of your roof, where the formulation does all the work. Using a pressure washer on a roof can cause catastrophic, permanent damage, though both homeowners and pressure washers keep testing the logic! And quite simply, our treatment protocols are so effective, using any more pressure than that is not only undesirable, it’s simply unnecessary.

Because the chemical formulations we incorporate into our cleaning protocols are so highly effective, we have the luxury of depending on their abilities to thoroughly clean—and not pressure—to accomplish our treatment goals. So the only pressure we require in our soft washing processes is about 45-60 psi (vs. 3,000-4,000 psi for a pressure washer), and for the sole purpose of delivering our cleansing formulations to their intended surface…whether a roof, soffits and gutters, siding, windows, decks, awnings, fencing, concrete, brick or stone, you name it—they’re all perfectly safe with the pressure we use. There is just no better, or safer, clean to be had, no matter the pressure used!

How much will it cost to get my roof cleaned?

Though this sounds like a “salesy” answer, that really does depend on a host of factors…it’s a little bit like calling a realtor and asking, “how much does a house cost?” Some of the contributing factors are:

1) Size and pitch of the roof

2) Complexity of the approach and treatment logistics (are there really high slopes that are really hard to reach, with topography falling away from the house making ladder use difficult?)

3) How severe is the infestation being eradicated, and what constitutes it (i.e. in addition to severe, widespread streaking and staining, is there literally moss, mold and mildew growing on the roof that we will need to spend extra time removing?)

4) What landscaping is at risk, so must be protected, during the cleaning treatment

5) Will any special equipment need to be brought on-site to successfully complete the job, such as a specialized plant protection?

Do you offer partial roof cleaning?

3 Brothers Soft Wash will do a “partial cleaning” under certain circumstances (for instance, you are selling your home, and only the slope facing the street is really bad, and easily seen). We will always recommend against doing these limited roof treatments because if you do not kill all the bacterial spores on the entire roof (even though some buffering has occurred with any treatment), they will reappear as they migrate from untreated portions of the roof. For that reason, also, we cannot warrant a “partial treatment” on a roof like we do a full treatment, for a period of 5 years. Lastly, because we do have a $495 minimum, when a homeowner does insist on a “partial treatment” for their roof, it is always a good idea to combine that with another external cleaning treatment so that both services are then discounted.

Is my roof cleaning guaranteed?

Yes, or the treatment is free, simple as that. In some cases, we have to re-treat when we run into an especially difficult and/or widespread infestation, but we will stay with it until it’s dead and gone–in 99% of cases, the same day. Because our treatment formulations are so effective, it is extremely rare for us to come across an infestation we cannot clean (and usually only in shingles that are so deteriorated, the bacterial algae has literally grown into the failing shingle mat). But in 99.9% of the roofs we treat, we have a 100% kill ratio on all bacteria, moss, mold, mildew and lichens. And once the roof is back to like-new condition, we leave a very potent buffer on every shingle, protecting it from future infestation for 5 years. Should you see any new growth within that time frame, we will happily and with haste come back out and spot-treat these places so your entire roof looks as clean and pristine as it possibly can for years to come.

Do your cleaning solutions pose any danger to my plants, pets, or family?

Absolutely not! Not only are our treatment formulations 100% organic, water-based and biodegradable, we have been thoroughly trained on “best practices” for safely and effectively applying those formulations within any treatment environment. Of course, part of those “best practices” requires us to ask that you keep all pets and family members/visitors out of the treatment environment until complete. Additionally, we have products designed specifically for protecting, buffering and neutralizing all of your landscaping against any possible damage, which we use before and after the treatment, while keeping any/all vegetation soaked with water throughout to ensure protection/safety. Every one of our treatment options is perfectly safe for plants, people and pets.