3 Brothers, Rick Harrivel

Rick Harrivel

3 Brothers, Kevin Hudson

Kevin Hudson

3 Brothers, Rupert Leary

Rupert Leary

After about 12 years in the roofing business, one of the three partners at 3 Brothers Soft Wash got an idea, rare, to be sure, but he decided to share it with his two amigos, who happened to be his partners in their roofing company. He said, “you know, we’ve been seeing all this nasty, ugly streaking and staining on all these big, beautiful roofs in North Atlanta for all these years. We know homeowners hate it, and no one seems to be doing anything about it” (and THAT’S why he was the brightest partner, though he knows at least two people who would disagree…three counting his wife). They said, “yeah, so?” (yep, I got vision and the rest of the world wears bifocals…I feel ya, Butch). Anyway, all three guys decided the time had come for homeowners—and even business owners—to have another option besides either living with these disgusting eyesores, or paying a bunch of money to address them by replacing their roofs (even though it was certainly beneficial to us as roofers for people to do roof replacements, we still believed there had to be a better answer). After much research and investigation…and two more years of replacing these hideous, “curb appeal” killing roofs, the partners discovered the science and technology of soft washing, and that “other option” became a reality!

Today, we are able to clean any surface on any home or business with our 100% organic, water-based and biodegradable cleaning formulations that—though safe, and respectful of the environment—are so highly effective at killing and getting rid of all that gunch that they literally sanitize the surfaces being treated!

So that’s our story, and why we created 3 Brothers Soft Wash. We still do roofing under our roofing brand, 85 Roof,, but love that we can now give home and business owners that “other option” that can restore the beauty, and “like-new” condition, to the surfaces of their property for about 10% of the cost of replacement. And unlike many in the home services biz, we do so with honor, integrity and transparency, guided daily by our  GUIDING PRINCIPLES, because as important as homeowners are to us, there’s always someone a whole lot more important watching. We look forward to getting to know you!

What’s the deal with those guiding principles?

Our company was founded on what we call Guiding Principles, and a fair profit is certainly one of those. But even more important than making money is to always strive for excellence, with integrity and honor. We are committed to making sure every customer we have the honor of servicing is not only thrilled with the results they see, but that they would be so happy that they would spread the word about their experience with family, friends, and even on social media. That is how you build a business that has staying power, and that ultimately matters. To that end, we decided there were a number of specific things each person in the company had to do every day–with excellence. Please see our  Guiding Principles for what drives us, and the bar we set for ourselves daily.