3 Brothers Soft Wash, Core Principles

12 Guiding Principles

EXCELLENCE – the attitude we will carry into every single thing we do…and when we fail to achieve it, we will, by habit, training and intention, return to it

HONOR/INTEGRITY – this is the feeling every 3 Brothers Soft Wash employee will carry into every interaction with another human being, because it will truly be an honor to earn, and keep, your business and your trust… do the right thing, even when no one is watching

RESPECT – the way in which we will interact with everyone with whom we come into contact—whether employee or customer, friend or family…even a competitor…we will treat them in a way that will recognize their inherent, God-given value and standing as one of His children

SERVICE – an attitude of the heart that we want to carry at all times…whether involving a family member, a friend or a customer, we always want to lead with the heart of the One that ultimately runs our company

ACCOUNTABILITY – we will do what we say, with no surprises and no ulterior motives or hidden agendas, and if anything goes “sideways”, we will own it, and make it right

COMMUNICATION – both inside and outside the company, we will be transparent, open and honest with everyone, and always communicate with a servant’s heart, in truth and love…even when what might need saying is uncomfortable or difficult.

RESPONSIBILITY – once you put your trust in us, we will do everything within our power, and within reason, to make sure the experience exceeds all of your expectations, with zero surprises.

PERSEVERANCE – we will not quit until your expectations are met or exceeded, and we have done everything we said we would do…think “old school”, because that’s who we are.

INVESTMENT – everything we do, every action we take, is an investment into a relationship…whether with an employee, a vendor or a customer, we will fight for, and protect, the sanctity, strength and honor of that relationship…we take it that seriously.

FAMILY – while building a dynamic, respected and trusted company, we vow to always maintain a balance that raises up, and makes sacrosanct, each of our obligations to “show up” for our families…so a work/family balance…and further, to welcome everyone, whether employee, customer or stranger, into our 3 Brothers Soft Wash family, making us all stronger.

FAITH – what drives all other things, each of the partners at 3 Brothers Soft Wash is guided by his faith and belief in a loving, forgiving God (hence, the name), and it is our intention to always allow that belief to define us, and our thoughts, feelings and action.

RELATIONSHIP – no matter the nature of our relationships (and we all have many different kinds), our faith drives each of the partners to strive every day to strengthen and deepen the commitment to each of those, so that employees feel valued and appreciated, customers feel significant and respected and strangers feel welcomed…because relationships are built on faith and trust, we will fight to be faithful and trustworthy in all that we do.