3 Brothers Soft Wash, Environment

Our Commitment to the Environment

A huge part of what motivates the ownership of 3 Brothers Soft Wash, and sets an expectation for our employees as well, is our ongoing commitment to environmental responsibility. What good are we doing as a company, even if we do a spectacular job of cleaning your home or business, if we do damage to the natural world around us in doing so. So everything we do–all of our treatment protocols and the cleaning formulations we use every day–must respect and honor that responsibility. We never take that lightly, nor do we skip steps that will ensure that standard is met on every job we do.

So what does that actually look like out there in the “real world”? Well, the most critical piece of that environmentally aware vision has to be in the cleaning formulations themselves—they have the greatest ability to negatively impact the environment in which they’re used. For this reason, we knew we had to find water-based, biodegradable products that were low-VOC (chemical emissions) and organic, yet also highly effective. Because we have a goal of exceeding every customer expectation, utilizing environmentally-friendly, but ineffective, cleaning solutions would have made no sense…and would have put us out of business very quickly!

Thankfully, we found what we were looking for…treatment formulations that clean and sanitize better than anything else in the cleaning business today, that also check off our critical environmental requirements—organic, water-based, biodegradable and low-VOC. It was a blessing to us to find a group of cleaning products that would make a customer’s roof, walls, soffits and gutters shine like they were new, but that wouldn’t kill a single leaf living around, and underneath, those things…that would exceed our customers’ expectations while protecting their properties.

Another critical component to environmental awareness and respect is the stewarding of natural resources. Because our treatment protocols are so effective, our cleaning processes use exponentially less water than other cleaning options such as power washing alone. And because the effects of our cleaning and buffering protocols last up to 6x longer than those of power washing, the water savings is exponential. The only pressure we use in a given soft washing treatment is what is needed to get the chemical formulation to the surface being cleaned…requiring far less water use than traditional cleaning methods. That result alone means tens of thousands of gallons of water is being saved from being dumped into sewers and the water table every year…by us alone!

It is to everyone’s benefit, then, that we can offer such thorough cleaning options to homeowners while feeling really good about the small “footprint” we are inflicting on an already challenged environmental ecosystem. In fact, our cleaning agents are so environmentally friendly, within 22 days, they are converted into water and carbon and safely absorbed by nature. This environmental responsibility will always be a Guiding Principle at  3 Brothers Soft Wash, and will continue to be lived out every day by each one of our employees.